Virgo also known by his famous song tag 'Mr V' is a Nottingham based producer/DJ whose music has proven to be the most influential and dominant in the underground scene. Mr Virgo is well known for his hard hitting, creative and artistic work on the UK Bassline and Grime scene. He has produced and remixed top hits for Skepta (Rolex Sweep) – JME (Power Plus more) – Giggs (Let em Ave It, When Will It stop) – Monster Boy (Sorry) – Platinum (Love Shy) which charted at No.12 in the official UK charts. Mr Virgo produced the ultimate grime smasher 'Holy Grime' for Wiley Feat. Devlin and the massive Bassline Hit 'Hypnotical EP' that charted at number 3 in the iTunes charts. Latest performances & touring includes recent shows at Printworks, Glastonbury, Hideout Festival, Lost & Found Festival, Creamfields, Nass festival, Boomtown, SW4, Reading and Leeds Festival makes Virgo one of the most exciting figures in UK dance music today.




TRC 'You & I’ feat. Becky Rhodes (Mr Virgo Remix) 2021

Mr Virgo - The Sound Of UK Grime [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - The Road To Grime [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Grime Sessions [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Grime Avenue [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Grime Art [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Grime Time [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Bassline Vocalogy [Album] 2020

Mr Virgo - Night Time [Single] 2020

Mr Virgo - Anthony Joshua Motivation [Single] 2020

Mr Virgo - Complicated [Single] 2020

Mr Virgo - Its Over [Single] 2020

Mr Virgo - Big Bass 2 [Album] 2019

Mr Virgo - Big Bass [Album] 2019

Mr Virgo - Higher VIP [EP] 2019

Mr Virgo - Higher [Single] 2019

Mr Virgo - Emotional Feat. Kayne Prexise [Single] 2019

Mr Virgo - Festival EP [EP] 2019

Mr Virgo - Still Sober [Single] 2019

Mr Virgo - Savage EP [EP] 2019

Mr Virgo - Magic [Single]

Wiley Featuring Devlin – Bring Them All/Holy Grime (Produced By Mr Virgo)

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Platnum – Love Shy

Platnum – Trippin

Platnum – Trippin (Bassline mix)

Ministry Of Sound | Hard2Beat Records

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Resolution / Monster – White Label

Heavy Artillery Vol.1 – A.R.M.Y Bullet

The Clack Riddim – A.R.M.Y Bullet

The Monster EP – A.R.M.Y Bullet

Big Bass E.P – White Label

More 2 Da Floor E.P – White Label

Something Real – Nocturnal Records

Game Over EP – Music Hustler Records

Hypnotiq EP – Strictly Bangorz

Hypnotiq 2 EP – Strictly Bangorz

Cinema EP – No Hats No Hoods

In The Mist EP


Bits EP

Hypnotical EP

Jungle Frenzy EP


Christina Milllian – AM To PM (Late Night Mix) AATW

Ironik – So Nice (Mr V mix) Gut Records

Kozzie – I’m Famous (Mr Virgo Remix)

Marika D – Weekend Lover (Mr Virgo Remix) Simple Hype Entertainment

MC Punjabi Ft. Jay-Z – Beware Bhangra Niche (Niche Recordings)

Monsta Boy I’m Sorry (Mr Virgo Remix) Ministry Of Sound

Ricki-Lee Wanna Little Of This (Maximum Bass)

Riskay – Smell Yo Kneck (Mr Virgo Remix) Hard2Beat Records

Robyn – Dream On (Mr Virgo Remix) Ministry Of Sound/Data Records

Rush n Renegade – First Time EP

Sadie Ama – Fallin’ (Mr V Remix) Decadance Recordings

Skepta – Rolex Sweep(Mr Virgo Remix) Data Records

T2 – Hey (Virgo Remix) Ministry Of Sound

T2 – Why (Mr Virgo Remix) Nocturnal Records

T2 & Addictive – Gonna Be Mine (Mr. V Remix) Gusto Records/Powerhouse Records

Usher – Love In This Club (Mr … Mystical Dubz


P Money – Liars In The Booth (Dot Rotten Diss)

Wiley Featuring Devlin – Bring them All/Holy Grime

Essentials – So Much Better – Hazzardous

Flirta D & B Live – Clack Clack

Nasty Crew – Nasty Time

JME – Road Runner – Famous – Boy Better Know

JME – Power – Famous – Boy Better Know

JME – Cinema – Boy Better Know

JME Ft. Tempa T – It’s Not a Long Ting – BLAM – Boy Better Know

Giggs – Who Said That Swagg’d Out

Giggs – What’s The Gossip Bout

Giggs – End Of Season 3 Freestyle. SN1 Records

Giggs – Wolf

Giggs – How Dare They (SN1 Records)

Giggs – Let Em Ave It – Intro – XL Records

Giggs – Let Em Ave It – Outro – XL Records

Giggs – Fuck Niggas

Giggs – Gargoyles

Giggs – Get Em

Giggs Ft. Kano – P*ssy N*ggas

Giggs Ft. Joe Grind – Is It Gangsta

Giggs Ft. Slick Pulla – Pull Your Straps Out

Gunner Dee – Block Buster – Hustler By Nature – SN1 Records

Gunna Dee – Make A Killing – Hustler By Nature 2

Gunna Dee – Bellaire – Hustlism

Gunna Dee – How We Started – Hustlism

Gunna Dee – Shiver – Happy Hustlers Day

Karen Harding – Say It Now (Mr Virgo Bassline Mix)

Kozzie – Im Famous (Remix)

Kozzie Ft. Family Tree – 200 retweets

P-Money – Rock Me (Flush Raw Freestyle)

P Money Ft. OG’z – Next Tune

P Money Ft. OG’z – Buss It

R.I.O. – Margin Away – Bottom To Top. Rarebreed Records

Joe Grind – Stamping Down On The City – SN1

Joe Grind – R.I.P Trap – SN1

Joe Grind – Marty Mcfly Music – SN1

Joe Grind Ft. JME – Rap Meets Grime

Joe Grind Giggs – Grab That Stash That



The Sound Of Bassline Ministry Of Sound

The Sound Of Bassline 2 Ministry Of Sound

Classic Big (Bass Slammers) Hard2Beat Records

100% Garage & Bassline Decadance Recordings

Pure Garage Presents Pure Bassline Warner Music TV

Need For Speed (Volume 7) Ecko Records

Rinse: 05 Rinse Recordings

Plastician – Sound That Speaks Cinema

Giggs – Who Said That (Mixtape)

Giggs – Let Em Av It (Album)

Giggs – Take Your Hats Off (Album)

Giggs – When Will It Stop (Album)

Giggs – Straight Murkin (Mixtape)

JME – Famous (Album)

Wiley – The Godfather (Album)